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What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash

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A motorcycle accident can be a horrific, life-threatening experience. Accidents can occur before either party has an opportunity to react, resulting in serious injury and harm to all parties involved. The events that immediately follow an accident can be messy, with emotions running high. When you are involved in a major accident, it can be challenging to concentrate on the essential things and put your frustration, anger, and anxiety aside. Understanding how and where to respond after a crash can help you in obtaining the needed assistance and information.


After the Impact:

A collision is extremely unsettling and will most likely leave you shaken both mentally and physically. Check yourself as well as any riders for injuries prior to actually stepping out of the vehicle or calling 911. Due to the stress of the crash, you might not even feel any injuries right away, but it is essential to find out if you have any significant injuries before moving. Start moving yourself and your car to the other side of the road, a near the area carpark, or a cross street if you are able to do so. Turn on your blinkers to make the accident scene visible to oncoming traffic.


Calling for Assistance:

As soon as you are safely off the road, simply call 911 for extra help. Even if you do not believe you have been severely hurt, it is best to have a medical assistance specialist examine you. If you’re badly hurt and unable to get off the road, call 911 so that the appropriate support can be dispatched to keep you safe from traffic. After the ambulance and officers arrive and you have been checked for injury issues, exchange personal and insurance information the other driver(s). If you are unable to physically exchange the information, have a police officer do so for you.


Important Tips:

The most crucial thing to discuss following an accident is your personal safety as well as the safety of everyone else involved. The second most crucial aspect is to collect as much data as possible about the accident. After any accident, make sure to do the following:

  • Stay calm: Trying to accuse or screaming at the other drivers is unnecessary and will not improve the situation.
  • Write down information: Collect all required info about the other driver and the document specifics of the accident, including the time, site, and involved parties.
  • Take photos of the accident: Recording the accident scene and the damage that occurred can assist with your insurance company.
  • Do not discuss fault: Law enforcement officers are not allowed to provide legal help and are not legally allowed to discuss mistake with you. It is up to prosecutors and insurance companies to decide who is to blame.
  • Call your insurance company: Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. The quicker you report the accident, the quicker your complaint will be processed.


Consider calling a motorcycle accident defense attorney after you’ve been treated for your injury problems and completed the preceding steps. Accidents can indeed be expensive to your health and your pocket, but a motorcycle lawyer can help you determine whether you have reasons to sue another party for reimbursement. Someone may be held responsible for your accident and bound by law to pay you for your hospital costs, recovery, lost wages from time away from work, car damage, and pain and discomfort.