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New Assurance Data Reveals: 10 most stolen cars in Ontario

According to the latest insurance data release, drivers of Lexus RX, Honda CR-V, or Ford F-150 pickup truck were most likely to have their vehicle stolen in Ontario last year.

The number of thefts reported for each vehicle on the list was disclosed this year by Équité Association.
Over half of the association’s nationwide total of almost 11,000 car thefts—5,745 total—were reported to have occurred in Ontario.

And according to experts, the most recent figures shows that organized crime groups and car thieves are not only becoming faster and better at stealing cars, but they are also taking advantage of new technology, like key fobs and push-to-start buttons found on new and luxurious models, to make it easier to steal cars like Lexus, which can be done in less than 20 minutes.

So, is your car at risk of theft? Here are the 10 most stolen vehicles in Ontario…


10- Toyota Tacoma Pickup, (2016-2021):

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Although Tacomas aren’t known for being easy to steal and aren’t considered a target for thieves, it was the tenth most stolen car in Ontario last year, with 144 thefts recorded.

The engine immobilizer, a cutting-edge anti-theft system, is now standard on the 2022 model. It is designed to prevent vehicle theft when your vehicle is left unattended.


9- Ram 1500 Pickup, (2009-2018):

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The Ram 1500 series recorded 147 thefts last year for the models between 2009 and 2018, three more than the Tacoma, owing to the anti-theft security system used by Dodge in these models.

With its convenient wireless key fob system, new models are now reliable and hard to steal.


8- Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 Series, (1999-2006):

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With 169 thefts recorded in Ontario last year, both cars ranked eighth on the list.
Those older models lack reliable anti-thief systems, making them easy to steal.

You can secure and protect your car from thieves by installing a security alarm system or upgrading to the latest models.


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