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6 Tricks That Can Make Your Car Last Longer

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Not every driver gives their car’s maintenance much care. However, if you take caution and stick to a few simple but important principles, you can avoid having to pay for expensive servicing and maintenance as well as protect your car from damages.

ViralCars gathered some tips only for you to make your car last longer.



6. Don’t ignore symbols on your car’s dashboard

The symbols on a car’s dashboard provide a warning if something is wrong. For instance, the electrical system may be malfunctioning, the engine temperature may be too high, or the brake fluid level may be too low. Visit a car repair shop as soon as you can; doing so will save you from needing to make expensive repairs or perhaps getting into an accident.


5. Avoid overloading

Nearly every component of the car, including the suspension, steering, transmission, tires, and engine, is affected by excessive loads.
Additionally, this kind of practice increases fuel consumption and reduces the car’s capacity to be controlled on the road.

Drivers should become aware with and adhere to their vehicle’s maximum load capacity in order to prevent this. It’s also advised that you empty your vehicle of all unnecessary items and carry only what you truly necessary.


4. Avoid extremely low/high tire pressure

Tire pressure often drops too low or rises too high, which increases fuel consumption and has a serious affect on the car’s ability to drive, for example, by increasing the risk of sliding or an accident.

You need to promptly change your tires if you want to prevent these occurrences. First, remember to change your tires for such season. Second, replace your tires at least once a year, front and back.


3. Park correctly

It’s difficult to park, especially for newbies. Typically, when parking, drivers will change from Drive to Reverse without entirely stopping the vehicle. You need to stop doing this since it damages the automatic transmission and requires a costly repair.

Always come to a complete stop before changing gear in your car.


2. Don’t overload the clutch

Car drivers with manual transmissions are more likely to make this mistake. Holding the clutch in a while waiting at lengthy traffic lights causes the mechanism’s details to break down too quickly since it forces the system to work harder when it should be resting.

When stopping, switch to neutral and depress the clutch just before restarting the drive.


1. Don’t forget about vehicle repairs and inspections

Drivers frequently skip maintenance deadlines, which is one of the main causes of car breakdowns. By the way, the main way to avoid a costly car repair is to do this. For instance, you should replace the air filter every 250 miles and check your car’s oil every 620 miles.

Pass regular inspections as much as you can, and don’t forget to take daily exams (tire pressure, the engine oil level, windshields, and so on.) Remember that seasonal changes and mileage will affect regular maintenance.


Do you have any tips to make your car last longer? Share with us in the comments!