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10 Rarest American Pickup Trucks Ever Made

7: Chevrolet S10 EV – 1,100 Units


Chevrolet S10 EV

In 1997, GM made history as the first automotive company to produce a fully electric pickup truck, the Chevrolet S10 EV. Built on the two-door, short-bed Chevrolet S10 work truck platform, the S10 EV features a modified version of the GM EV1 powertrain, which includes a 114-hp AC induction motor and a 16.2 kWh lead-acid battery.

In an effort to improve the S10 EV’s range, GM upgraded the battery to a larger 39 kWh nickel-metal-hydride battery before production ceased in 1998. Despite the upgrade, the S10 EV did not receive widespread popularity among fleet buyers, and only around 1,100 examples of this iconic electric pickup truck were produced by Chevrolet.

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