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10 Celebrities Who Earn Millions but Their Cars May Be Cheaper Than Yours

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Celebrities with incomes mostly in millions would be expected to live luxurious lives, yet some of them don’t.
There are many well-known people out there that live a minimalist lifestyle and only purchase things that are truly necessary.
In fact, some of Hollywood’s biggest names don’t mind driving vehicles that the majority of normal people earning average salaries can buy.

Check out our list below to see if someone is driving the same car as you!


10. Jennifer Lawrence — Volkswagen Eos


At the height of her success, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was seen driving a Volkswagen Eos. Jennifer could undoubtedly afford a better vehicle as someone who made $653 million with just one film, but she prefers to maintain a low-key image.


9. Jeff Bezos — Honda Accord


Jeff is the richest man in the world with a net worth of nearly $117 billion, yet his car isn’t covered in diamonds. Bezos spent years driving a Honda Accord rather than the world’s most luxurious vehicle. The wealthy man, when questioned about it, referred to it as a “perfectly good car” and shown no interest in pricey Maserati.


8. Britney Spears — BMW Mini Cooper



The Oops…I Did it Again singer is a proud owner of a simple BMW Mini Cooper, despite how difficult that may be to believe.


7. Tom Hanks — Scion xB



Tom Hanks is one of the growing number of famous people who are choosing eco-friendly vehicles over expensive ones these days. He has been driving a Scion xB for many years and is pleased with how much fuel he has saved by switching to an electric vehicle.


6. Justin Timberlake — Volkswagen Jetta


Despite being one of the most well-known musicians in the world, Justin Timberlake doesn’t favor expensive vehicles. He rides in a very cost-effective Volkswagen Jetta.


5. Cameron Diaz — Toyota Prius


Cameron was one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses throughout her active career. In spite of that, she happily travels in a Toyota Prius.


4. Daniel Radcliffe — Fiat Grande Punto


Instead of spoiling himself after the enormous success of the Harry Potter series, Daniel gained national attention for obtaining a Fiat Grande Punto. He said that environmental protection was the driving force behind his purchase. Daniel now has a net worth of over $110 million.


3. Bruno Mars — Cadillac Allanté


Do you remember the vehicle from Bruno’s number-one song 24K Magic? It’s his vehicle. During the recording of the song’s music video, a 1995 black Cadillac Allanté was used. The vehicle captured the singer’s heart, and he bought it.


2. Mark Wahlberg — Toyota Sienna Minivan


Surprisingly, this charming hunk drives a Sienna Minivan and adores it. Mark joked in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that although his wife “doesn’t get in it for anything,” his four children also enjoy riding around in the van.


1. Leonardo DiCaprio — Toyota Prius


Leonardo DiCaprio, who is well known for his passion for the environment, rides in a Toyota Prius, exactly like Cameron Diaz. He is convinced that Hollywood should give up using posh SUVs and limos, which are gas-guzzlers. He gave Blake Lively a Prius when they were dating.


If you were making millions, which car would you buy?